A Changelog, traditionally, is a list of changes to a piece of software that allows users to understand the modifications between versions. In our scope, a Changelog is a formalized collection of Changes with metadata assocated:

  • User
  • Release Date
  • Optional version by way of SemVer
  • Optional Product
  • Changes!
  • Preface and Postface content for providing additional information about the Changelog.


Changelogs are In Progress until you publish them. After you publish your Changelog, the following happens:

  • The Changelog becomes visible to users outside of your Organization.
  • Any users who have opted to be notified will receive a notification through the medium they chose (e.g. Email, Slack) or through feeds.
  • The Changelog is added to your timeline.
For a discussion of using Changelogs versus individual Changes see the Timeline.