Products are an optional but useful feature provided by Done Did to further organize your Changes and Changelogs.

To Use or Not To Use

First a reminder that products are completely optional. There are a couple scenarios for which we created products:

An Organization With Many Offerings

Perhaps your Organization is a traditional software company like Apple that supports many different products. Apple might create a product for OS X, iOS, watchOS and tvOS since changes to each of these are usually isolated.

An Organization With a Single Offering

Perhaps your Organization is a SaaS like PagerDuty. You might not think of having multiple products here, but it may be useful to create products for categories of features like: Reporting, API and WebUI. This categorization can help you and your users isolate changes in specific areas.

Something Different!

Maybe you've got something completely different going on. Feel free to experiment and let us know if we can help you model your stuff in new ways!