The timeline is a reverse chronological list of Changes and Changelogs published by your Organization.

Changes or Changelogs?

Done Did gives you the flexibility to choose between publishing individual Changes or more structured Changelogs. Which is a fit for you?

Individual Changes

If you are an organization with a SaaS product and your engingeers deploy individual fixes and features all the time then it might be best for you to enter changes directly to your Timeline. You can do this via the entry field at the top of your Timeline page!

You might still want to use more structured Changelogs from time to time, however. Perhaps to provide more information around a release of a major feature or effort. The additional metadata and content may help your messaing or celebration of hard work completed.


When you publish a Changelog then a single entry will be added to the timeline that represents the Changelog and all of it's constituent changes instead of showing each change individually. This allows you to group up major releases, features or efforts under a single entry. Organizations with more traditional, scheduled releases may prefer this approach.

You might want to use individual changes published to your timeline for one-off fixes or smaller efforts, however. Feel free to use both!

Filtering Timelines

You can filter the Timeline's entries by using the control at the top of the Timeline page. You can filter by date or by product.

Timeline JSON

Coming soon!