Done Did can integrate with GitHub such that each pull request you merge adds Inspiration. You can then turn those inspiration entries in to Changelog entries. Let's find out how.


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the prominent "Add Integation" button.
  3. Click "Setup GitHub" in the GitHub box.
  4. Enter a token, generated from your account settings in GitHub's "Personal Access Token", or just press Save since this optional.
  5. Copy the Webhook URL shown after you save the integration.
  6. Paste the webhook in to your repositories "Webhooks & Services" by clicking "Add webhook". Github webhook 6047ec82f995f8a38f316aa792c313df8b85b1f34f9e95228fe88f68f27b4d34

All done! The next time you merge a pull request you should find Inspiration awaiting you!