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January/February 2016

Equinox Changes

  • Fixed a bug where a user could specify an illegal application slug on the app settings page

  • Remove sandbox message after upgrade to paid plan

    Fixed a bug where after upgrading to a paid plan, the dashboard would still till you that you were in the sandbox even though your account limits had been upgraded properly.

  • Fixed a bug where password reset emails did not say they were from

  • Fixed a bug where application names with spaces in them would cause internal server errors

  • Application Package Toggles

    Every application settings page now includes toggles to allow user control over what package installers are built for an application.

  • Getting started instructions for new applications

    It wasn't always obvious how to get started with Equinox. Even though there is a comprehensive walkthrough tutorial, it could be a little overwhelming when you just wanted to get things working. Equinox now shows you a simple 4 step guide on how to get your applications released and published as quickly as possible.

  • Add support for OS X .pkg installers

    Equinox can now build .pkg installers for all OS X (Darwin) builds.

  • Added support for Windows .msi installers

    Equinox can now build .msi installers for all Windows builds.

  • Add Homebrew publishing

    You can now publish your app to a custom equinox Homebrew tap for easy installation by developers using OS X.

  • Continuous deployment for Equinox package workers

    This change is internal to Equinox. While the rest of Equinox has always been deployed continuously, the package workers required manual deployment.

    They now update themselves (using Equinox itself!) which helps us dogfood Equinox and to iterate faster on all components of the stack.

  • Improved Dashboard Visual Layout and Navigation

    Greatly improved the UX of the Dashboard with a wider dashboard with and side-bar navigation menu with quick links to all of your applications.