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Week of July 20th, 2015

Explorer Changes

  • Improved event tracking in Explorer

    We have enhanced our tracking on usage of Explorer so we can better understand our customers

  • Explorer "table" visualization has ben updated

    The new table visualization is faster than the previous version, meaning the Explorer no longer freezes up when the table chart type if selected.

  • Explorer Design Refresh

    The Explorer UI has had a small design refresh to make it simpler and easier to navigate.

Infrastructure Changes

  • Remove Canopy

    We have finished removing all of our Canopy infrastructure (Mesos) which we used for a few deployments. This simplifies our infrastructure and should increase our ability to troubleshoot issues.

Storage & Compute Changes

  • Moved new index to 100%

    All new writes to Keen now go into our new index. All new data is queried out of our new index. This should provide some performance improvements as well as a number of operational improvements.