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Week of July 13th, 2015

Analysis API Changes

  • New index rollout is at 30%

    Our new index has now been rolled out to 30% of our customers. This will show performance improvement for queries against new events published.

Explorer Changes

  • Collaborative Favorites

    Favorites are now shared across the entire team that has access to a Keen project. You can easily filter between everyone's favorites or only yours. You can also search for favorites by name.

Infrastructure Changes

  • Added new logging infrastructure

    This new logging infrastructure helps us to resolve issues faster and keep even more of a pulse on our infrastructure.

Keen Web Changes

  • Removing Canopy from a few projects

    Over the last few weeks we have been removing Canopy from a few of our projects. This is to reduce the amount of infrastructure we have to maintain.

  • Implement responsive design on Keen-Web

    Our website is now responsive thanks to the work of our experience team. Mobile works MUCH better now. Enjoy!