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Ready for Primetime: Funds, Fixes and Features Release!

We're really proud of Done Did. While we have tons of great ideas for future work — not the least of which is the current timeline beta — we're ready to take the brave step of letting folks choose to support Done Did via subscription!

Done Did Changes

  • Integration page's "Back" buttons now line up right.

  • Saving and publishing Changelogs is now slightly faster.

    We found some unnecessary work being done when saving a Changelog. Who wants to do unnecessary work when there's so much necessary stuff already lying around? Not us!

  • The profile dropdown was absent from the header for logged in users. We found it and put it back.

  • Spelling error in Changelog editing header has been corrected.

  • Changelogs now have the correct Organization header.

    Our recent changes to the header got… skipped in the Changelog. Very sorry about that, but it's fixed up now!

  • Logged out users couldn't log in when viewing an Organization's content. We put it back in the header.

  • Metrics and Measurements

    It's not customer facing, but we've instrumented Done Did to track it's performance and success. We've got some good monitoring chops and we're bringing them to bear on Done Did's infrastructure and service. If people are gonna pay, we wanna be our best!

  • You can now support Done Did via monthly subscription.

    There's some great stuff for supporting us:

    • Unlimited users
    • Custom Change Types
    • Change Type ordering
    • MailChimp integration
    • Whitelabeling with custom domain support

    The subscription is debuting at $39 per month. We're really proud and excited to share this work with you!

  • Added documentation for change types.

  • White Labeling

    We're all about letting your brand and content take the spotlight. To make this even easier you can now use your own domain with Done Did via white labeling. This feature requires a subscription via our premium plan.

  • Our features page has been improved to show all our latest work.

    We've also linked pretty heavily to our documentation so going from feature to use is faster!

  • Improved "drop zone" for files attached to changes.

    This drop area was quite large and lacked proper padding. We've slimmed it down a bit so it is less disruptive to the Changelog.

  • Our Slack documentation has been updated.

About Done Did

Done Did is hosted Changelogs for projects, products and teams.