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Post-Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Christmas is such a rush of fun that the days after always leave us a bit lightheaded and tired. To ease you out of the celebratory high we've got a few fixes!

Done Did Changes

  • Fixed some login form jank.

    Our login form had some weird hints that didn't belong and the footer links for password retrieval or sign up where just bare links. We fixed them up for 2016.

  • Changelogs can now be deleted.

    Did you create a Changelog that you decided you didn't need to send out? Rather than have them clutter up your UI these can now be deleted!

  • Improved worker metrics.

    Our backend workers that process notifications, subscriptions and other asynchronous components of Done Did now have improved metric emission so that we can keep track of their health and success.

About Done Did

Done Did is hosted Changelogs for projects, products and teams.