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New Year, New(ish) Done Did!

This is our biggest aesthetic release of Done Did since it was born on April 12th of 2015. More than a new coat of paint, this release aims to help focus on workflow and make Done Did easier to use. It also makes the new timeline the default view for your changes. This change of form is a large one, and fitting for the end of 2015 and the beginning of the New Year. We're especially excited about where this timeline change, our recent addition of whitelabeling and the addition of our premium plan are taking us.

Done Did Changes

  • Deleting attachments now has a correct message and redirect on completion.

  • Pesky "Back" buttons have been wrangled in to the right places.

  • Email summaries now have proper spacing when changes do not have descriptions.

  • New Sidebar!

    Rather than tucking items into a hidden dropdown at the top of the screen, your functions and features are prominently displayed in the left sidebar. Additionally, things like in-progress Changelogs now provide counts to keep you aware of what's going on. This change has also benefited our documentation.

  • New documentation on publishing Changelogs.

  • Pending Changelogs now have a dedicated page and sidebar count.

    These objects now stay out of your way but the sidebar count lets you know if you have pending work to complete.

  • Done Did now uses the full width of the browser window.

    We proudly use Bootstrap and we've switched to using a fluid container for content. Yay width!

  • Darker background, making form and other content more prominent.

  • The timeline is now the default view for Organizations.

    This work allows Organizations that ship constantly to use tweet-style workflows to publish each individual change they ship. Other Organizations can continue to use traditional Changelogs. You can check out our timeline to see it in action!

  • Improved timeline filtering.

    The change type filter now shows the icons of the types to make things a bit more clear. Time-based filters have been improved on the backend to be more flexible. Product filters how "stick" correctly. Also, all filter types can now be combined to find the intersection of filters. For example here are all our bug fixes to Done Did in the last 7 days.

  • Product sidebar links now take you to a filtered timeline view.

  • Redesign of change listings.

    The listing is a bit more discrete due to the background changes, less space is dedicated to the change type and a permalink is shown. We've also improved padding and overall rendering.

    For Organizations manipulating their changes the controls to edit or delete them have been moved to the left side in a less obtrusive dropdown. We're trending closer and closer to having the "editable" view of a Changelog be as close as possible to the view your users see.

    While the above are all great, we're also excited that we've done some work to make the rendering of these changes shared betweens various endpoints. This means less risk for bugs and problems due to "drift" between endpoints.

  • Most forms now use "vertical" labels atop the input fields.

    This makes more sense with the full-width content rendering.

About Done Did

Done Did is hosted Changelogs for projects, products and teams.