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  • Unnamed Changelogs are easier to get to.

    If you created a Changelog and neglected to give it a name, the link didn't work on the "In Progress" page. D'oh!

  • Added a Products link to the Organization sidebar.

    Previously it was difficult to know how to find this, as it was "hidden" on the "Products" header for the sidebar listing. Now it's much more obvious.

  • Display of billing information is more dependable.

    Sometimes people would see an error screen when viewing their billing info. All fixed now!

  • In Organization settings the white label input now has hint text and a link to helpful documentation!

  • Saving changes to an Organization now redirects back to the settings page.

  • Logged-in users no longer see edit controls on other Organization's Changes.

    This was just a view-layer fix. Things were still locked down tight!

  • Changes and Changelogs from the Timeline now appear in all feeds.

    Previously users would only see Changelogs, not they see single changes as well!

  • Leaky link has been plugged, fixing weird rendering of Slack bits in the Subscribe form's feed section.

  • New Year, New(ish) Done Did!

    This is our biggest aesthetic release of Done Did since it was born on April 12th of 2015. More than a new coat of paint, this release aims to help focus on workflow and make Done Did easier to use. It also makes the new timeline the default view for your changes. This change of form is a large one, and fitting for the end of 2015 and the beginning of the New Year. We're especially excited about where this timeline change, our recent addition of whitelabeling and the addition of our premium plan are taking us.

    3 Fixed, 7 Changed, 3 Added

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  • There is now a prominent Atom and general subscription link atop the timeline.

    This should make these "social" features more visible to users so that they can keep up with your awesome work.

  • Post-Christmas Stocking Stuffer

    Christmas is such a rush of fun that the days after always leave us a bit lightheaded and tired. To ease you out of the celebratory high we've got a few fixes!

    1 Fixed, 1 Changed, 1 Added

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  • You can now filter by time and combine filters (AND) on the timeline.

  • Timeline changes now have a permalink at the bottom so that you can link directly to them for sharing.

  • Ready for Primetime: Funds, Fixes and Features Release!

    We're really proud of Done Did. While we have tons of great ideas for future work — not the least of which is the current timeline beta — we're ready to take the brave step of letting folks choose to support Done Did via subscription!

    6 Fixed, 4 Added, 3 Changed

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  • Timeline changes now show edit and delete controls.