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  • Unnamed Changelogs are easier to get to.

    If you created a Changelog and neglected to give it a name, the link didn't work on the "In Progress" page. D'oh!

  • Display of billing information is more dependable.

    Sometimes people would see an error screen when viewing their billing info. All fixed now!

  • Saving changes to an Organization now redirects back to the settings page.

  • Logged-in users no longer see edit controls on other Organization's Changes.

    This was just a view-layer fix. Things were still locked down tight!

  • Leaky link has been plugged, fixing weird rendering of Slack bits in the Subscribe form's feed section.

  • Timeline feed has been improved.

    • The title is now correct.
    • Don't display the title again at the top of the feed's contents.
    • The link to see all changes as had it's text changed.
  • Entering a change on the timeline now redirects back to the timeline.

  • Fixed broken change type icon for single changes.