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  • Added a Products link to the Organization sidebar.

    Previously it was difficult to know how to find this, as it was "hidden" on the "Products" header for the sidebar listing. Now it's much more obvious.

  • In Organization settings the white label input now has hint text and a link to helpful documentation!

  • There is now a prominent Atom and general subscription link atop the timeline.

    This should make these "social" features more visible to users so that they can keep up with your awesome work.

  • You can now filter by time and combine filters (AND) on the timeline.

  • Timeline changes now have a permalink at the bottom so that you can link directly to them for sharing.

  • Timeline changes now show edit and delete controls.

  • Full Changelogs in timeline now show a count of changes by type.

  • Added timeline Atom feed.

    You can add .atom to the end of the timeline URL to get an Atom feed.

  • Released timelines as a beta.