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  • Full Changelogs in timeline now show a count of changes by type.

  • Timeline feed has been improved.

    • The title is now correct.
    • Don't display the title again at the top of the feed's contents.
    • The link to see all changes as had it's text changed.
  • Added timeline Atom feed.

    You can add .atom to the end of the timeline URL to get an Atom feed.

  • Improved timeline footer to include attribution and better date formatting.

  • Entering a change on the timeline now redirects back to the timeline.

  • Fixed broken change type icon for single changes.

  • Released timelines as a beta.


  • Timelines: A Whole New Way To Ship with Done Did

    We're really excited to share our latest feature with you: the timeline! We've been working on this for a few weeks.

    Our original concept for Done Did was largely based around the idea of modeling the traditional Changelog, but making it awesome. It quickly became clear that another model, where fixes and features are shipped continuously, could be equally awesome.

    We decided it best to defer this work until we got the original model working to our satisfaction. With the new timeline we believe we've found a way to meld both models so that either can be used with Done Did. Or, even better, you can mix them and use whichever one suits your needs at the moment. You'll be able to publish single changes without all the structure of a full Changelog, while still enjoying all the features of Done Did.

    We're releasing the timeline as a beta. It can be accessed in the header above. We'll be publishing our continual improvements to our timeline until the beta is done.

    We're excited to see what you'll ship with the timeline. Drop us a line if you have feedback!

    Remember to drop us a line if you have any thoughts or questions about our timeline beta.

    1 Fixed, 2 Added

    See all 3 changes

  • Post-Turkey Exercise

    Now that we've had our fill of Thanksgiving fare it's time to work off some of those calories with some fixes and improvements!

    1 Removed, 4 Changed, 1 Added, 1 Fixed

    See all 7 changes

  • Entry Revamp, Organization Cleanup and Data Improvements

    We're working hard on making Changelog creation less cluttered and making the overall navigation for Organizations less cluttered. As we're adding new functionality we occasionally need to step back and iterate on navigation and user experience. This release has that in spades as well as a bunch of bug fixes to keep the polish level at a high sheen.


    We hope you're enjoying DoneDid and we are really excited to share these new features with you. Please contact us if you have thoughts, questions, criticism or praise.

    2 Removed, 2 Added, 2 Changed, 5 Fixed

    See all 11 changes

  • Product Viewing Improvements and More!

    Can't stop, won't stop shipping these improvements! We've been continue to improve odds and ends as we work on new features. We've got no reason to make your wait, so we're shipping 'em out.

    1 Removed, 5 Added, 3 Changed, 1 Fixed

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  • More Changelog Rendering Improvements

    We're still iterating on making things neat and tidy for you. We've spend some extra time on the Changelog rendering this week and we're proud of the results.

    2 Fixed, 2 Changed, 3 Added

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  • Crisp Fall Looks

    The crisp autumn air causes us to break out the jackets. This is a silly filler sentence that lets me segue to using crisp to describe the changes we're bringing this week to Done Did. Behold!

    1 Fixed, 2 Changed

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  • Better Products Through Testing Improvements

    We don't have any snazzy user-facing features today, but we have made improvements which will help the quality of our releases going forward. That benefits you!

    1 Fixed, 3 Added

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