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Slack for iOS Changes

  • Custom emoji would sometimes display as :text: which was excruciating. Now they don’t, which is some kind of a seasonal front-end-engineering-based miracle.

  • You’re now able to long press on image attachments to “Copy Image” or “Save Image” when you want to do those things to that other thing.

  • Tapping an initial file comment now correctly takes you to that comment.

  • Trying to sign in to a team you are already signed into would cause the app to hang. No more.

  • Renaming a channel now correctly respects the 21 character limit. Looked like it could have been fun for a moment there. Consider fun redacted.

  • You are now able to share private files from a DM to other channels (and it’ll trigger the same warnings and permission requests as everywhere else).

  • Sharing an animated GIF using the share extension would share it as a static image, which kind of missed the point of GIFs. Sorry.

  • Like a loyal dog in a snowstorm waiting by the point it last saw its beloved owner, we now maintain your scroll position when you return to Slack from a mobile browser.

    We’re here for you. Right here. Right on the same message as before. We missed you. Is it time for a walk? You have jerky, right?

  • Marvellous changes to the Archive Viewer + Infinite Scrolling

    Tap on an archive link, and if the message isn't cached, you'll be taken to the archive viewer; And you can kiss goodbye to the “Load More History” button (or you could if you could find it) because scrolling is now infinite. Yes, infinite. It now lasts for ever. Literally ever.

  • A new and improved sign in flow that you may never see if you’re reading this message.

  • A brand new background app refresh

    Your last active channel is automatically now updated in a heartbeat, and your channel list in the background follows along, like a puppy who can smell all the jerky in your pocket.

  • An improved share extension is yours to enjoy, with support for sharing of all file types.

  • You can now jump to a channel from the search archive. If you want to.

  • “Joined/Left #channel" messages are now rolled up in one long, delicious, yuletide log of irresolute flipfloppery.

We depend on your help to make things better. Got feedback? Send a note to or send us a message in app using the /feedback slash command.

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