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Bill Maher Says Using N-Word Was a 'Bad Thing' But Also a 'Comedian Thing'

Maher invited author and Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson onto Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss racism and white privilege, but above all, to demonstrate his acutely self-flagellating humility.

“I want you to school me. I did a bad thing,” Maher informed Dyson. He also noted that the n-word has “caused pain” in the African American community. Perceptive!

Before this overture, Maher opened his live show by thanking the audience—they had, he remarked, kindly allowed “a sinner in [their] midst.” But it was not an especially challenging crowd: some of its members yelled “We love you, Bill!” as he walked onstage.

On last week’s show, Maher’s interviewee, Republican senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska invited the host to visit the state and “work in the fields.” Maher’s grotesque response: “Work in the fields? I’m a house n——.”

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